COVID 19

    Welcome to our COVID 19 web page. We will update this regularly with information.


    Home Learning Advice - Years 7,8 and 9

    Home Learning Advice - Years 10 and 11

    Universal Projector Development

    Ofqual - GCSE, AS and A level students in England


    Below is a list of the websites that the school gave out login details for to pupils before we were asked to introduce social distancing and pupils were asked to work from home.



    Timetable Rockstars

    Accelerated Reading

    Active Learn

    GCSE Pod

    Pupil Email




    For pupils to access their emails please click on link below to do this. Click HERE for a help sheet on how to access your emails on Office 365.

    If you have problems accessing Office 365 or other online sites suggested by the school please phone school 9am-3pm or email Mr K McBain on for help.

    There is no expectation for any pupils to complete school work over the planned Easter holiday Monday 6th April 2020 – Sunday 19th April 2020