COHORT Term 1a Term 1b Term 2a Term 2b Term 3a Term 3b
Year 7 Safety,Forces, Matter, Organisms Electromagnets, Reactions Ecosystems Energy, Earth Genes
Year 8 Forces, Matter Organisms Genes, Earth Waves, Energy Electromagnets, Reactions Ecosystems
Year 9 Atomic structure Cell Biology Energy Organisation Organisation Organisation
Year 10

Bonding,Electricity,infection and response

Infection and response, Quantitative Chemistry Particle model of matter, Bioenergetics Chemical changes, Atomic structure Homeostasis, Energy changes Forces
Year 11 Inheritance, Variation and Evolution, Rate of chemical change Waves, Organic Chemistry Chemical analysis, Earth's atmosphere, Magnetism Using resources, Ecology    
TRIPLE SCIENCE            
Year 10 Biology Homeostasis Homeostasis Inheritance, Variation and Evolution Inheritance, Variation and Evolution Ecology Ecology
Year 10 Chemistry Energy changes, Rates of chemical change Rates of chemical change Rates of chemical change, Organic Chemistry Chemical analysis Earths atmosphere, Using resources Using resources
Year 10 Physics Forces Forces Waves Waves Magnetism Space physics
Year 11 Biology Cell Biology, Organisation, Infection and response Infection and response, Bioenergetics Homeostasis, Inheritance, Variation and evolution Ecology    
Year 11 Chemistry Chemical analysis, Earth's atmosphere Earth's atmosphere, Using resources Using resources      
Year 11 Physics Energy, Electricity, Particle model of matter  Atomic structure, Forces Forces, Waves, Magnetism, Space Physics    
11A2 Biology Organisation, Infection and response Bioenergetics, Homeostasis Homeostasis, Inheritance, variation and evolution Ecology    
Btec Animal Care            
Year 10 Unit 2 Topic A1 Risk assessment and accident reporting procedures Unit 2 Topic B2 Selecting and using appropriate handling and restraint equipment  Unit 3 Topic B1 Animal welfare Unit 1 Topic A1 Monitoring signs of good and ill health in animals Unit 1 Topic A2 Quantitative tests Unit 1 Topic B2 Symptoms, treatment and prevention of common diseases in animals
  Unit 2 Topic A2 Appropriate personal protective equipment Unit 3 Topic A1 Roles of animals in society Unit 3 Topic B2 Know current animal welfare legislator   Unit 1 Topic B1 Animal diseases and modes of transmission Unit 1 Topic C1 Ectoparasites, their symptoms, prevention and treatment
  Unit 2 Topic A3 Reasons for handling and restraining animals Unit 3 Topic A2 Animal related organisations Unit 3 Topic C1 What are the responsiblilities involved in caring for animals     Unit 1 Topic C2 Endoparasites, their symptoms, prevention and treatment
  Unit 2 Topic A4 Reasons not to handle animals          
  Unit 2 Topic B1 Demonstrate safe handling and restraint techniques with animals          


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