Key Stage Three

At KS3, Saint Edmund Arrowsmith offers a 2 year course. This course has been developed to provide exciting, engaging and effective lessons. The overarching priorities have been to:

  • Ensure that the requirements of the National Curriculum Programme of Study have been responded to
  • Support lessons in which students make good progress and are on track to achieve well at the end of KS4.

Organisation of the Saint Edmund Arrowsmith Catholic High School Key Stage 3 Science course:
There are two biology, two chemistry and two physics units in each year. This means that KS3 science can be delivered in 2 years.

Skills development
Ensuring progression in skills has underpinned the development of the course.

Thinking scientifically relates to the relationship between evidence, ideas and theories, and has a strong role to play in science generally and in KS4 courses. It includes asking questions, considering the quality of evidence, understanding how theories develop, evaluating risks, using units and nomenclature, using equations and analysing data.

  • Working scientifically relates to conducting practical investigations and includes making predictions, designing investigations, recording evidence, presenting evidence, interpreting evidence, developing explanations and evaluating data.
  • Developing as learners is not a science-specific set of skills, though science can play a strong part in developing the skills, and they are recognised by the Ofsted school inspection framework. They include planning progress, acting responsibly, developing resilience, asking questions, communicating effectively, respecting others and collaborating effectively.

Key Stage Four

At Saint Edmund Arrowsmith Catholic High School we offer the whole GCSE (9-1) AQA Science Suite which is built around good science, providing a rewarding experience across the ability range that's fair and accessible to the weaker students whilst being genuinely challenging to the most able.

The AQA Science Suite
An authentic insight – It provides a more traditional grounding in science, and a base level of understanding that will help students progress into future scientific thinking.
Keeps the subject real – We've embedded practical activities throughout the teaching topics to encourage practical activities in the classroom.
More choice – The lessons are contextualised for students.
Straightforward and engaging to teach – It has fair, challenging and relevant assessments that work well within the centre and promote practical activity.

Our new Entry Level Certificate in Science inspires and engages learners by providing a broad, coherent, satisfying and worthwhile course of study. This qualification is designed so that it can be co-taught with new GCSE (9-1) qualifications.

At KS4 Saint Edmund Arrowsmith Catholic High School offers the entire suite this includes:
Triple science
Combined Science

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