The Physical Education department at Saint Edmund Arrowsmith Catholic High School provides a curriculum that aims to challenge students both physically and academically. We also provide opportunities to take part in a variety of activities through extra-curricular teams and clubs and enter a range of intra-school competitions within Knowsley and at Regional/National levels.

Key Stage 3

During key stage 3 (Year 7 and 8) all students at Saint Edmund Arrowsmith receive four lessons of Physical Education per fortnight. They will experience a variety of sporting activities plus study a number of theoretical topics which will provide a basis for further study at key stage 4.
The main practical activities covered at the current time include football, netball, basketball, fitness training, handball, trampolining, athletics, badminton, table tennis, tennis and softball/rounders.
In addition we will cover a number of theory topics during KS3 practical sessions including warm up/cool down (components and benefits), components of fitness (definitions, examples and tests), muscle names and locations, types of training and the effects of exercise on the body.

Key Stage 4

During key stage 4 (Years 9, 10 and 11) students will be guided onto one of three pathways: GCSE PE, Cambridge National Sports Studies or 'Core PE'. The pathway studied will depend on their options choices, performance in previous years and their practical and academic abilities.
GCSE PE and Sports Studies classes will receive five lessons across the two week timetable. In addition they also receive two 'Core PE' lessons per fortnight which all students receive as part of the national curriculum.


GCSE PE builds on the key content and skills taught at KS3. We are currently following the OCR specification. Students who choose the course will be assessed in three ways:
30% - Practical Performance in 3 activities (one must be a 'team' and one an 'individual' activity).
10% - Analysing and Evaluating Performance (AEP) Task.
60% - Written Examination. Two 1 hour exam papers at the end of Year 11 covering a range of content.

Further details can be obtained in the course specification. Follow this link for further details:

Cambridge Nationals

Cambridge Nationals are an alternative examination course. We are currently following the 'Sports Studies' course which requires 4 'Units' to be completed during the 3 year course. Students who choose the course must complete 2 mandatory and 2 optional units as detailed below:
Mandatory Unit R051 – Contemporary issues in sport – 1 hour written examination
Mandatory Unit R052 – Developing sports skills

Optional Unit R053 – Sports leadership.
Optional Unit R054 – Sport and the media.
Optional Unit R055 – Working in the sport industry.
Optional Unit R056 – Developing knowledge and skills in outdoor activities.

Further details can be obtained in the course specification. Click on the link for further details: