"Children who undertake formal, ongoing musical education have significantly higher levels of cognitive capacity, specifically in their language acquisition and numerical problem solving skills. They also continue in education for longer, reverse the cognitive issues related to disadvantage and earn and contribute more on average across their lifetime." A. Collins

At Saint Edmund Arrowsmith Catholic High School our aim is to develop the potential of every pupil through composing, performing, listening and appraising. We aim to inspire pupils to perform to the highest level possible and compose their own music in a range of different genres and styles. Extra-curricular lessons are available in a wide variety of instrumental and vocal lessons.

Key Stage Three

All pupils at Saint Edmund Arrowsmith study Music in Years 7 and 8. During this time pupils develop their knowledge and understanding of musical notation, performing and composing. This gives them a foundation for continued study at KS4 which pupils have the option to choose at the end of Year 8.

Pupils in Years 7 and 8 have 2 Music Lessons per fortnight and homework is set regularly in line with the school's homework policy.

Key Stage 4

Key Stage 4 Music at Saint Edmund Arrowsmith builds on the skills and knowledge acquired during Key Stage 3. Pupils who have chosen Music take one or more of the following qualifications:

Music Grade Exams in Performance on their instrument or through singing with a minimum target of Grade 6.
Level 4 Diploma in Singing
Music Theory to Grade 5
GCSE Music following the Eduqas (9-1) specification.

Pupils in Key Stage 4 have 5 Music Lessons per fortnight and have their instrumental/vocal lessons during this time or at break/lunch or before/after school.

Please follow this link for further information about the GCSE Music specification - GCSE Music