Autumn Term 1

Autumn Term 2

Spring Term 1

Spring Term 2

Summer Term 1

Summer Term 2

Year 7

Algebraic Thinking

-          Sequences

-          Understand and use algebra notation

-          Equality and equivalence

Place Value and Proportion

-          Place value and ordering numbers

-          FDP equivalence

Application of Number

Directed Number

-          Solving problems with four operations

-          Fractions and percentage of amount

-          Operations and equations with directed number

Fractional Thinking

-          Addition and subtraction of fractions

Lines and Angles

-          Construct and measure angles

-          Use geometric notation

-          Develop geometric reasoning


Reasoning with Number

-          Develop number sense

-          Sets and probability

-          Prime numbers and proofs

Year 8

Proportional Reasoning

-          Ratio & Scale

-          Multiplicative change

-          Multiplying & dividing fractions


-          Working in the Cartesian plane

-          Representing data

-          Tables and probability

Algebraic Techniques

-          Brackets, Equations, Inequalities

-          Sequences

-          Indices

Developing number

-           Fractions and percentages

-          Standard form index

-          Number sense

Developing Geometry

-          Angles in parallel lines

-          Angles in polygons

-          Area of trapezium and circles

-          Line symmetry and reflections

Reasoning with Data

-          The data handling cycle

-          Measures of location

Year 9

Reasoning with Algebra

-          Straight line graphs

-          Forming and solving equations

-          Testing conjectures

Constructions in 2 and 3D shapes

-          Three dimensional shapes

-          Constructions and congruency

Reasoning with numbers

-          Numbers

-          Using percentages

-          Maths and money

Reasoning with Geometry

-          Deduction

-          Rotation and translation

-          Pythagoras Theorem

Reasoning with proportion

-          Enlargement and similarity

-          Solving ratio and proportion problems

-          Rates


-          Probability

-          Algebraic representation

Year 10

H Interpreting and representing data

H Angles and trigonometry

H Graphs

H Area and Volume

H Equations and inequalities

H Probability

H Multiplicative reasoning

H Similarity and congruence

F: Equations, inequalities and sequences

F: Angles

F: Averages and range

F: Perimeter, area and volume 1

F: Graphs

F: Transformations

F:  Ratio and proportion

F: Right angled Triangles

F: Probability

F: Multiplicative reasoning

Year 11

H: Multiplicative Reasoning

H: More algebra

H: Similarity and Congruence

H: Further statistics

H: More trigonometry


H: Equations and Graphs

H: Circle theorems

H: Vectors and Geometric proofs

H: Proportion and graphs



Cr: Frequency trees

Cr: Venn Diagrams

Cr: Percentage of amount

Cr: Compound interest

Cr: Standard form

Cr: Index laws

Cr: Expand brackets

Cr: Factorise

Cr: Solve equations

Cr: Compound measures

Cr: Probability

Cr: Probability trees


Cr: Circles

Cr: Surface area and volume

Cr: Transformations

Cr: Bearings


F: Algebra 1


F: Shape 1

F: Number 1

F: Graphs

F: Ratio and proportion

F: Shape 2

F: Data

F: Algebra 2

F: Probability

F: Number 2

F: Transformations



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