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Curriculum Overview

Vision Statement

‘’He has come so they may have life and live it to the full.’’ John 10:10

Learning: Developing a culture where students thirst for knowledge and the importance of it. Giving them the keys to open doors and the courage to feel they can open them.

Leadership: Leadership should be strong, understanding, consistent, have impact, approachable, collaborative.

Christ: Develop the Christian values of the students and families.

Community Relationships: SEA is where everybody is valued, where the vulnerable are supported and where all can thrive.

Pastoral Care: For our students to have faith and feel supported, that they belong and are empowered to fill their full potential.


Curriculum Intent

We strive to develop strong leadership and management at all levels to provide a subject and personal development curriculum that is planned and sequenced to explicitly develop powerful knowledge, literacy and numeracy skills, develop character and deepen faith.


Curriculum Implementation

The pillars of our curriculum implementation are currency, character and culture.


  • Introduce broad curriculum via a 3 year KS3 and 2 year KS4 and enabling RE to regain 10% curriculum time.
  • The curriculum in the Personalised Learning Centre is led by a Senior Leader.
  • Provide an appropriate suit of examination subjects to meet the needs of pupils based on their prior attainment, current progress and local employment opportunities.
  • Create opportunity for all pupils to read at an age appropriate level, develop their vocabulary, oracy and writing skills.
  • Curriculum development is built on a spiral curriculum that focus on engagement, challenge, feedback and autonomy. 

Each subject has a clear long term plan with an accompanying assessment map delivered via medium term plans that include pre-assessment, appropriately challenging success criteria (including WAGOLS), opportunities for quality feedback linked to assessment objectives, skills and concepts and time to address misconceptions.

Teachers will create occasions to use visual organisers and writing skeletons to support extended writing, the Frayer model to improve the use of appropriate subject vocabulary, they will model appropriate literacy behaviours at all times. Reading will be explicitly taught in years 7 and 8 with all teachers paying attention to the reading ages of the pupils in their classes.


  • Direct links between the Personal Development Curriculum and the Assembly and Collective Act of Worship schedule.
  • The timings of the day have changed so that it begins with form time enabling readiness for learning preparation, whole year group assembly and collective act of worship.
  • Year managers and form tutors follow their form through from year 8 to year 11, with a dedicated Year 7 transition team.
  • Pastoral Teams own and drive attendance strategies.
  • Greater emphasis is placed on pupils wider experiences of life that supports development of confidence, resilience, independence, responsibility, respect, tolerance, active citizenship and employability. (SEA Shield)
  • Develop a student leadership structure and programme that focuses on Leadership, Organisation, Resilience, Initiative, and Communication.


  • Personal Development which includes PSHE, Citizenship, CEIAG, RSE and Study Skills is placed within the curriculum and timetable at a fixed point to raise the value of this important aspect of curriculum with staff and pupils.
  • PiXL Build Up Curriculum for the most challenging and vulnerable KS4 pupils from September 2019 led by a member of SLT.


Curriculum Impact

  • Improved pupil engagement, confidence and attitude to learning.
  • Improved outcomes for all learners.
  • Age appropriate readers.
  • Reduction in PX, FTX and behaviour incidents.
  • Reduction in PA and increase in attendance.
  • All pupils follow appropriate progression routes post 16.
  • Articulate young adults who have excellent verbal and non-verbal communication skills.
  • Enhanced educational experience that including careers, study skills, sporting and cultural experiences in all years.