Year Group

Term 1

Term 2

Term 3


Ideas in Abstraction. The students will explore the artwork of the early twentieth Century artists creating studies in paper construction, pencil, pen and paint. Compositions.

The students will explore the work of Piet Mondrian and his flat use of colour towards three dimensional constructions in paper.


Barbara Hepworth’s sculpture and form in focus. The students will develop relief and constructed forms based on research into the artists and her contemporaries.


Studying the first images created by cave artists. .

The students will develop work exploring symbols and forms found in the earliest artwork created. The students will work through various drawing media into papier mache, wire construction and paint.

The development of civilisation reflected in Art. Through a variety of drawing media the students explore the work of Egyptian and Greek Art towards the development of a variety of outcomes in paint and collage.

Personal choice. The students will develop a relief form exploring the pattern and shape based on one particular culture.


Cubism. The students will explore and develop work in drawing and painting exploring composition based on the subject matter taken from Cubism. The students will be working towards card sculpture/ relief.

The students will develop their work further through the sculpture and move towards work exploring the work of the Constructivists through collage and paper construction.

Popular culture

The students will explore the work of the Pop Artists further developing ideas studied in the first term in which everyday objects and materials can form the focus for art.



Year Group

Term 1

Term 2

Term 3


The Tate Gallery visit informs work in both the core and personal projects. The students research and develop work in a variety of media.

Personal and core projects are explored in more depth with students making plans and doing practical exercises towards extended pieces of work.


Students consolidate research and present their outcomes for assessment and target setting.


All coursework units to be completed prior to the externally set paper to enable students to concentrate fully on the examination.

Externally set test paper received and the work is developed over the term with a ten hour examination conducted at the end of the period.

All work is presented for assessment with marks submitted to the examination board in May.




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