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Knowsley Borough Council can also offer advice and support regarding SEND.

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St Edmund Arrowsmith Catholic Academy SEND Information Report:

The revised SEN Code of Practice (DfE, April 2014) states:

'The governing bodies of maintained schools and maintained nursery schools and the proprietors of academy schools must publish information on their websites about the implementation of the governing body's or the proprietor's policy for pupils with SEND.' (p 93)

Our SEND offer can be found here:

SEA SEN Brochure 2021.pdf

This report is designed to be an easy to understand document which provides additional information to enable parents/carers and other interested parties to understand the academy's provision for our pupils. Please refer to the academy's SEND policy. If you cannot find the information you need please contact the academy on 0151 477 8770 or alternatively contact the SENCO directly at

SEND Identification

At Saint Edmund Arrowsmith we use many factors for identifying potential SEND. Please find some of the indicators that we use to identify potential areas for support. SEN Criteria .pdf

SEN Information Report - Published January 2021

1. Saint Edmund Arrowsmith Catholic Academy has an inclusive philosophy. You can attend Saint Edmund Arrowsmith Catholic Academy if you live in the area irrespective of any disability and/or Special Educational Need and /or Disability. For young people who are from other areas and neighbouring Local Authorities an individual discussion is advised. Admission arrangements follow Knowsley LA Policy – individual cases are encouraged to arrange an individual meeting with the Inclusion Team.

2. We aim for open and transparent communication and consultation with parents/carers and young people, as well as other professionals, throughout your association with St Edmund Arrowsmith Catholic Academy. We always prefer to meet and discuss things face-to-face. E-mail is also useful, as it allows for clear communication that can be referred back to if required. The department staff have a wide range of experience in working with and support others to manage SEND. Feel free to contact to arrange a meeting.

3. All discussions and decisions involving the young people at St Edmund Arrowsmith Catholic Academy will be 'Person Centred'. We will always engage with young people and parents in the most appropriate manner, and respect their views on how they wish to participate forming how we as an academy can best support their education.

4. We undertake a range of screening and assessments 'in-house' as part of our school provision. We are more than happy to discuss these individually to ensure specific areas of need are assessed in line with our personalised approach to identification and support. Our work is always solution-focussed and outcome driven. Please contact us directly for specific information relating to individual needs. EHC transitions are being conducted in conjunction with Knowsley LA who can be contacted on 0151 443 5141.

5. All staff at Saint Edmund Arrowsmith are corporately responsible for the education, development and support of young people with SEND. Staff have had appropriate training and professional development relating to SEND, Quality First and Inclusive teaching. Information is provided to all staff via our SIMS system and through Class Charts Provision Maps. This generates an Individual Education Plan (IEP) focusing on individual needs and strategies to support SEND pupils. Parents can also login to this an see what strategies are put in place for their child. We review this termly to make sure that the strategies are as up to date as possible.

6. Saint Edmund Arrowsmith Catholic Academy is a fully accessible site for young people and adults who are wheelchair users and has facility for supporting personal care and medical needs.

7. The SEND department is able to access to a range of specialists including Speech & Language, Physiotherapy, Educational Psychology, the Neurodevelopmental pathway and CAMHS. Staff have excellent links with the LA and other specialist providers. Discussions about concerns and possible referrals are welcomed.

8. Access Arrangements and reasonable adjustments shall be screened for and applied for external examinations. If you feel that your child may be eligible for these or to enquire about this process please contact the Inclusion team.

9. Preparation for adulthood has always been a strong focus of the work done for all young people at Saint Edmund Arrowsmith Catholic Academy. The academy has its own careers advisor, Mrs A. Cleary, who supports all students with their choices and transition to college. She can be contacted at

10. If you are unhappy with the SEN Support received whilst at Saint Edmund Arrowsmith please follow our SEND complaints procedure, click here. If you want to speak to an independent service about your rights and to raise any complaints please follow the link for Liverpool & Knowsley SENDIASS at

Your Feedback:
We value your feedback on how we are doing to support needs of students at Saint Edmund Arrowsmith. Feel free to follow the links and share your views with ourselves:

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Please click here, for our Lockdown Learning Pupil Support Sheet.

If you would like to have a discussion, or if you require any additional information, then please contact on one of the following:

Mr C. Wright: Head of Inclusion