School Uniform

School Uniform

We place a strong emphasis on encouraging all pupils to take pride in belonging to our school community. A uniform is a symbol of belonging to a community and we will be firm in ensuring that all students wear the uniform correctly. The school uniform list can be found in pupil planners and is also published here on the website. Form tutors are responsible for checking that pupils in their tutor group are dressed appropriately, and teachers will challenge pupils who are not dressed appropriately during the course of the school day.

Please note that track suit tops or 'hoodies' are not allowed in the school either as pullovers or as top coats. No outside jackets are to be worn in the school.


Click HERE for the Uniform Policy 


Please be aware that many retailers sell shoes as "school shoes", however they may fail to meet the criteria of what Saint Edmund Arrowsmith Catholic Academy allows. Please consult our uniform policy which is available on the website for more information along with the shoe guide.

School shoes will only be permitted if they are plain black and can be polished. They should be leather in appearance, therefore leather look shoes are acceptable but suede and plastic are not. There should be no branding, logos or embossment. There should be no adornments such as hearts or flowers on the shoe along with no coloured stitching. Trainers or leisure style shoes are not acceptable, this includes Cruyff, Nike Huarache or Bamboo brands, however this list is not exhaustive as the above are examples.


School Ties
Every year group at Saint Edmund Arrowsmith Catholic Academy has a different coloured tie. The broad design is the same, but the stripes are a different colour for each year group. Please see below for the tie colours for each year group for the 2021/ 2022 academic year:

Year 7 – red tie
Year 8 – yellow  tie
Year 9 – green tie
Year 10 – blue tie
Year 11 – purple tie

Ties are available to purchase from Top Form. Please ensure that your child is wearing the correct coloured tie for their year group.


Make-up, hair colour, false nails and piercings.
Pupils at Saint Edmund Arrowsmith Catholic Academy are not permitted to have extreme hair colours. The school will accept any natural hair colour. Pupils can change their hair colour but only to those that are classed as natural.

It must be stressed that pupils are not permitted to wear make-up. This includes semi-permanent and daily removable make-up. Pupils should not be wearing false eyelashes.

Neither false nails nor nail varnish should be worn.

Pupils are able to wear stud earrings but they must be plain in appearance and not ornate in design.

All pupils are expected to meet the necessary standards on their return to school in September. Should a pupil's attire be deemed inappropriate, they will be expected to modify their uniform appropriately or risk facing sanctions.