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You can call it Year 10 go to space!

Posted at 10:24 am on 15th October, 2019

Our year 10 Scholars' pupils had a fantastic experience today at the University of Liverpool. They took part in a guest talk and Q&A with Hollie Ridings, the first female Chief Flight Director at NASA. Hollie works at Mission Control in Houston, Texas, and is responsible for all NASA Human Space Flight missions including the International Space Station, the Orion Programme, NASA's return to the Moon, and future manned missions to Mars. Hollie talked about her role at NASA, the current and future of human space flight missions, before opening up to questions from the audience.

Dr Jackie Bell, a Liverpool Graduate and participant on the BBC's 'Astronauts: Do You Have What it Takes?' was also contributing. We got to meet them afterwards and got some great advice from Holly, " Enter every room like you are meant to be there." Her message of working hard and having big ambitions was incredibly powerful.

We had a fantastic day, including a brief visit to the Anglican Cathedral.