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Year 10 Scholars

Posted at 10:33 am on 28th November, 2019

Liverpool University
Yr10 Scholars had a taster day at University of Liverpool today.liverpoolUniversity1.jpg
Including a tour of campus, followed by mini lectures on Youth in the Media, with emphasis on degrees in Sociology, Criminology and Law. Pupils gained a deeper understanding of these subjects but also on student life in general

Pupils Comment
Today I went to Liverpool University for a 'Sociology and Law Taster Day' alongside a tour of the humongous campus. Before I left I thought Sociology and Law were very interesting subjects and looking back on today I think I am even more intrigued. The lecture and seminar were very interesting, which helped me understand more about the subjects. Also with the campus tour it helped persuade me to see if I will go to University after I have been to College. The trip was definitely worthwhile as I believe I got a lot out of it and it has helped strengthen my knowledge on the subjects and university as a whole.




Edge Hill University
Fantastic yr10 Scholars trip to Edge Hill university today. Pupils had myth busting lectures around going to university, a tour round the amazing facilities for sport, arts, medicine and business and the opportunity to talk to students about the experience. An inspiring day.


Pupils Comment

Today as being part of the Scholars Group, we went to visit Edge Hill University for the 'HE FUTURES EVENT'.The visit was very beneficial as it provided me and the whole group lots of information about what it takes to be a University student and most importantly what we should do for our higher education and other basic needs to step into a big platform. Also, the information provided was effective and valuable as it was new to me, so as a result of which it created a wonderful opinion about this University. Overall, it was a very productive, useful and a fun day to spend at this place.

Pradishkar Satishkar