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School trip to Rome - 22nd Feb 2018

Posted at 10:35 am on 22nd February, 2018

Rome-photo.jpgOn Friday 9th February 32 key stage four students and four staff set off on an educational adventure to Rome. The purpose of the trip was to enrich and consolidate the learning of some of the areas of study that the students have focused on in preparation for their Religious Studies examination. With a jam-packed itinerary ahead of us we set off from school at 6:00am and boarded a coach transfer to Manchester Airport. It wasn’t long until we were sat in our plane seats and ready for take-off, for a couple of students this was their first time flying and they loved the experience!

On arrival to Ciampino airport, the group was met by a local representative who gave us a very informative talk about the history of Rome during our coach transfer to the hotel. Straight away the students and staff were captivated by this amazing city. There were a lot of photographs being taken from the get go

When we got to the hotel, we dropped off our bags and hit the ground running by heading straight to the first site; the world famous Trevi Fountain. The students were advised to throw coins into the fountain as legend has it that those who throw a coin in will certainly return to Rome in the future. After absorbing all of the details of the fountain we walked a little further to our second monumental Roman site; the Spanish Steps. Here we purchased Rome’s renowned gelato (ice cream) and soaked up the relaxed ambiance that the area had to offer. After some time we challenged students to a race to the top, this was all too much for Mrs Tomkins who jokingly crawled up the final few steps. This was the first of many Roman staircases that the group would encounter during out trip, in fact it became a bit of a long standing joke during our time there. After such a work out it was only right that we were rewarded with a hearty meal at the Hard Rock Café.

The next day brought an early start as we were headed to the Vatican City, the home of the Pope, and burial site of St Peter. This was the busiest of our days in Rome. The weather was beautiful, just perfect for a clear view from the top of the St Peter’s cupola. The cupola posed the greatest physical challenge for the group, of course this was not the case for Mr Lowrie -being subject leader of PE it was a doddle for him or at least it certainly appeared that way as he ran us up them in record time. Some students elected to brave the 551 steps to the top of the dome, whilst others selected to take a lift and then climb the remaining 351 steps. The views from the top were spectacular and we could see almost the whole of Rome.

After venturing down from the cupola, we headed to the Vatican Museum, the main highlight being the beautiful artwork of Michelangelo in the Sistine Chapel. The students came face to face with the artwork that they had studied in class and could clearly identify the key Biblical stories that the images represented. The best part of this was seeing the student’s gaze in wonder and awe as they looked around this beautiful sacred chapel.