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Sacred Time

Posted at 2:17 pm on 19th May, 2021


Our Sacred Time theme (25/06/2021), 'SHOW ME YOUR WAYS, LORD!' will help us reflect on how we might live well with others and to think about the behaviour and values we can aspire to if we are to be the best person we can possibly be. With the help of Jesus' teaching in the Sermon on the Mount, we'll be encouraged to treat one another with love and respect, just as he did.


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The Sacred Time theme for this week (21/06/2021) is DAY FOR LIFE. It's a time set aside in the Church's year, dedicated to raising awareness about the meaning and value of human life, at every stage and in every condition.

The Church which teaches that all life is to be nurtured from conception to natural death, commemorated Day for Life on Sunday, 20th June, so, this week, during Sacred Time, we too will reflect and pray about, the value of all human life in its many aspects with our theme: ALL LIFE IS SACRED.


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Refugee Week 

This coming week (14/06/2021) is REFUGEE WEEK when people across the world remember the plight of those seeking safety in other lands.

Our Sacred Time this week then will help us to reflect on the crisis faced by refugees, particularly those from Syria.

Our reflections will help us understand why they are fleeing their homeland and encourage us to imagine ourselves in their shoes.

We will also reflect on, and appreciate, the many blessings we enjoy, which we, so often, take for granted, and we'll also be reminded of Jesus' teaching about welcoming the stranger and helping those in need.





This week's (07/06/2021) Sacred Time theme focuses on DISCIPLESHIP - being a follower of Jesus.


We'll be encouraged to think about the kind of behaviour that would identify us as his disciples and be challenged to consider how we might need to change if we are to follow Jesus more closely.


We'll pray too, as we journey through the coming week, that Jesus will guide us as we try to love one another as he loves us.





Spirit Alive

Our Sacred Time theme this week (24/05/2021), 'SPIRIT ALIVE!' will recall the great feast of Pentecost, when the Holy Spirit descended upon the followers of Jesus, and which the Christian Church celebrated on Sunday.


We will reflect on examples of those in our own time who, filled with the same spirit that came to the friends of Jesus, have changed their world in so many different ways.


God's Holy Spirit fills us too, so how can we, in our turn, use all that we are, to bring hope and change to our needy world?


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Better Together

Our Sacred Time theme this week (17/05/2021), BETTER TOGETHER, focuses on UNITY.

It encourages us to reflect on how together, we can make our world a better place. Our theme offers examples of how, when people strive with a common goal, they can heal what is wrong and make a big difference to their world.

As Pope Francis has designated this week as Laudato Si Week 2021, we'll reflect and pray about this too. Also included are prayers for those suffering in the escalating violence in the Middle East.


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