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Library Leaders News Report - 16th May 2018

Posted at 10:43 am on 16th May, 2018

We have a number of KS3 Library Leaders in school who work with our Accelerated Reading Co-ordinator to ensure that our library is well stocked, engaging and one which supports the literary development of our pupils.

Our Library Leaders wrote the following report about their areas of responsibility:
"As library leaders we are responsible for many things, including library stock, fundraising, library competitions and much more! As Library Leaders we have created an enhanced library loan system, which makes it easier to borrow a wide variety of books. The Library Leaders have been awarded with a bowling rewards trip for all of our hard work and dedication towards the library".

As a school we are looking forward to the opening of our new school library, which is being re-designed as part of the current building work and which will be officially opened in September 2018.