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Knowsley School Organisation Strategy 2019-2029

Posted at 5:19 pm on 29th May, 2019

The Council has a duty to ensure there are enough school places in Knowsley, and in the right places. In order to do this we have written a new Draft School Organisation Strategy (2019-29) for Knowsley which sets out our vision and principles to meet demand for school places over the next ten years.


The council are now consulting on the draft strategy document and would like your views on the proposed vision, principles, decision making criteria and the models for schools organisation contained within the draft strategy.

I would like to bring this consultation to your attention and invite you to review the draft strategy and respond to our online survey with your comments. The draft documents and online survey can be accessed;

 If you are unable to access the online survey, please do not respond to this email, comments can be submitted by email to Whilst we welcome and take account of all views received, we are not able to reply to individual questions or comments sent in response to the consultation.

It goes without saying that we value your views, and comments received as part of the consultation will be taken into consideration before the Knowsley School Organisation Strategy is finalised.