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Cyber Champions Project

Posted at 12:42 pm on 18th July, 2019


Merseyside Police have seen an increase in schools contacting them with incidents to do with social media through bullying incidents and inappropriate use of apps such as Snap Chat and Instagram to name a few. Education has been provided over several years by both schools and police staff with mixed effect as the continual flow of reports from those who have either fallen victim to bullying or ‘sexting’ testifies.


As a way further strengthening safeguarding and increasing the preventative work of partner agencies, Merseyside Police have started a new peer-led education project. The project is in partnership with Merseyside Police Digital PCSO, Police Officers, PCSO’s, and KPMG who train pupils in the delivery of internet safety so they can then deliver lesson plans to Year 7-11 pupils. The purpose of these sessions is to educate young teenagers about online safety, as well as identifying themselves


The Cyber Champions project is rolled out to Year 12 pupils in colleges and sixth forms across Merseyside however at Saint Edmund Arrowsmith Catholic High School we have been fortunate to be chosen as the only school to pilot training Year 10 pupils as Cyber Champions. The aim is to develop their confidence, social skills and speaking skills before their post 16 paths and is an additional skill to add to their CV’s.


In May 2019 ten of our Year 10 pupils volunteered to be Cyber Champions and attended a training day at Merseyside Police Headquarters. Since then pupils have continued with their training sessions and have delivered 3 ‘Cyber Champion session’ to the current Year 7 and 8 cohorts. The Cyber Champions will continue to be trained up by Merseyside Police so they can continue to deliver sessions at the start of the new academic year.


Saint Edmund Arrowsmith Cyber Champions


Ruby: “I think project is a great opportunity to not only help educate younger people on using the internet safely, but it can help us develop our speaking and people skills. This will really stand out on my CV. I think Cyber Champions is a really good idea. I feel privileged to be able to participate in such an influential initiative.”


Heather: “I think this will help me get a job in the future as it can help me understand internet safety on a working environment and will look good on my CV. I think being a Cyber Champion will allow me to be able to help those younger than myself and become a possible role model for them.”


Abbi: “I think this will give me the experience working with children, helping them to understand internet safety. Being a Cyber Champion will hopefully allow those younger than me to come to me if they don’t feel as though they can speak to an adult.”