Reading at SEA

At St. Edmund Arrowsmith, we understand how powerful and important reading is for empowering pupils. It can bring them enormous joy, love and inspiration.

Why should we read?

Data tells us that 14 year olds who read often and independently know 26% more words than those who don't read.

We want our pupils to have the greatest life chances available to them and daily reading of a wide variety of texts can help support this.

Parents, if you read to your child daily then they will hear around 1.4 million more words than their peers.

A Quigley Closing the Reading Gap.

This section will help you to support your child with their exploration of reading.

Pick up a book and enjoy!!!

Reading Challenge

Parents, please encourage your son or daughter to pick up one of these wonderful books from our reading challenge list. They will also gain credit towards the SEA SHIELD Award.

16+ Reading Challenge

KS3 Reading Challenge


Myon; free online reading anytime, anywhere.

St. Edmund Arrowsmith knows how important reading is, to the character development and life chances of our young people. We have therefore invested in the online programme, MyON. It gives pupils in year 7,8 and 9 the opportunity to access 6,000 books on their phones, tablets or laptops, at any time. There is also age appropriate news articles on current events. It is aimed at engaging even reluctant readers, with topics from science and history to sport and adventure.
A great resource to help the whole family enjoy more reading. Click HERE for a link to MyOn




What is our reading offer at SEA

SEA form tutors reading questions

What our Pupils are Reading