Staff List

Staff List 2020/2021

Senior Leadership Team
Mrs. H. Pinnington Headteacher
Mrs. D. Brahms Deputy Headteacher
Mrs. S. Price Assistant Headteacher: Teaching and Learning
Mr. G. Harrison Assistant Headteacher: Personal Development, Behaviour and Welfare
Mrs. H. Charnley Assistant Headteacher: Leadership and Management
Mr. P. Dearing Lead Practitioner: Personal development, enrichment and transition.
Mr. C. Wright SENCO / Lead practitioner for Inclusion
Mrs.P. Wilson School Business Manager

Art Department 
Mr. B. Heyes Curriculum Leader for Art
Mr. P. Halliday 

Business Department 
Mrs. L. Fox-Ford Curriculum Leader for Business

Computing/ICT Department 
Mr. A. Pinnington Curriculum Leader for Computing / ICT

Ms. A. Bellard Teacher of Computing /ICT & Cover Supervisor

English Department 
Mr. M. Bentham Director of English
Mrs. J. Ashcroft English Department – Teaching and Learning
Ms. K. Leeuwangh English Department – Curriculum and Data
Miss C. Charlesworth 
Miss. L. Manning 
Miss. E. Mortimer 

Mr. P. Dearing

Geography Department 
Mr. K. Bannon Curriculum Leader for Geography
Mrs. H. Boyd 
Miss. K. Thompson

History Department 
Miss H. Roberts Curriculum Leader for History
Mr. T. Rogers (Maternity cover for Mrs. R. Boyle)

Mrs H. Charnley 

Mathematics Department
Ms. A. Hughes Director of Mathematics
Mr. B. Murphy Mathematics Department – Curriculum and data

Mrs. E. McDonald Mathematics Department – Teaching and Learning
Mrs. C. Judge  Whole School Numeracy

Mrs. K. Leung 
Mrs J. Lyall

MFL Department 
Mrs. S Calvignac Curriculum Leader for MFL
Mrs. A. Glover 

Performing Arts Department 
Mr. J. Smith Curriculum Leader for Performing Arts
Ms. S. Bowyer Performing Arts Department

PE Department 
Mr. M. Lowrie Curriculum Leader for PE
Ms. A. Potter 
Mr. M. Venables More Able Co-ordinator
Mrs. C. Joyce Subject Leader for Citizenship

Mr. G. Harrison

RE Department 
Vacant Director of RE
Mrs. B. Bamford RE Department – Teaching and Learning
Miss. D. Haworth RE Department – Curriculum and Data
Mrs. H. Boyd 

Mrs. Brahms

Science Department 
Mrs. N. Lanceley Director of Science
Mr. M. Jais Science Department – Teaching and Learning
Mrs. D. Lydiate Science Department – Curriculum and Data
Mrs. R. Francis Year 9&10 Progress Leader
Mrs. V. Hedgecock 
Mrs. J. Hennessey (Maternity Cover for Mrs. L. Ryan)

Mrs. S. Price

Technology Department 
Mrs. G. Owen-Williams Curriculum Leader for Technology
Mrs.K. Goulding Year 7&8 Progress Leader

Sociology/Psychology Department 
Mrs. M. Broughton Curriculum Leader for Sociology


Administrative Staff 

Mrs. P Wilson School Business Manager

Mrs G. Helme Operations/Administration Manager
Ms F. Johnston Finance/HR Administrator

Mr M. Stankiewicz Data Manager

Mr M. Sharpe Timetabler/Data Administrator

Miss. C. Wilson Receptionist

Attendance Team 
Mrs. N. Monaghan Attendance Manager
Mrs. S. Sandle Attendance Clerk

Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance Consultant
Mrs. A. Cleary CEIAG

Miss. J. Currall 

Cover Supervisors
Miss. A. Bellard Cover Supervisor
Mrs. K. Harris Cover Supervisor

Exams and Testing
Mrs G. Bickerstaff Exams and Interventions Co-ordinator

ICT and Reprographics Staff
Mr. K. McBain ICT Manager
Mr. J. Cook ICT Technician
Mrs. D. Jeffery Reprographics Officer

Inclusion Team

Mr. C. Wright SENCO
Mrs. L. Moore Learning Mentor
Mrs. R. Dunn Learning Mentor
Mrs. L. Cavanagh Learning Mentor
Mrs. N. O'Neill Interventionist
Mrs. D. Pennington Interventionist
Mrs. C. Huyton Interventionist
Mrs. L. Shortell Learning Support Assistant
Mrs. A. Gee Learning Support Assistant
Mrs T. Cargill Learning Support Assistant
Mrs.L. Metcalfe-Judge Learning Support Assistant
Mrs. A. Stockwell Learning Support Assistant
Mrs. M. Collins Learning Support Assistant
Mrs. C. Lawrenson Accelerated Reading Co-ordinator

Safer Schools Police Officer
PC. W. Hughes 

School Priest
Fr Anthony Frain SDB 

Vacant Technology
Mrs J. Cheers PE
Mr D. Evans Science
Ms. K. Ball Science
Mrs L. Mansfield Technology

Welfare assistants
Mrs J. Kendrick Midday Supervision
Mrs T. Holding Midday Supervision

Year Managers
Ms B. Lofthouse Lead Practitioner for Behaviour and Safeguarding, Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead.
Year 11 Manager.

Miss. Savage Year 10 Manager

Mrs S. Baker Year 9 Manager

Mr Powell Year 8 Manager

Miss N. Manning Year 7 Manager