Admissions Policy 2021-22.pdf

Allegations Management Policy.pdf

Anti Bullying Policy.pdf

Attendance Policy.pdf

Behaviour Principles July 2020.pdf

Careers Policy.pdf

Charging and Remissions Policy May 2019.pdf

Complaints Policy May 2019.pdf  - Formal complaints, including those regarding Special Educational Needs should be made in writing to the Headteacher, Mrs. H. Pinnington. (admin@seaonline.org.uk) If the complaint is about the Headteacher it should be sent in writing to the CEO Mr. Paul Halliwell PFMAT@rcaol.org.uk, or c/o Mrs. P. Wilson at the academy address. Mr Halliwell should carry out this stage one procedure.

COVID19 Safeguarding Policy.pdf

Mobile Device Policy for Students.pdf

Safeguarding Policy 2019 2020 V2.pdf

Statement on Provider Access.pdf

SEA Uniform 2020-2021.pdf

SEN policy 20-21.pdf

SEA Remote Learning Guide 2020-21.pdf

SEN Complaints Procedure.pdf

Whistleblowing Policy [July 2020}.pdf


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