Our Vision and Values

Saint Edmund Arrowsmith is first and foremost a Catholic Academy. 'Fortes in Fide' or 'Strength through Faith' sums up our vision that our success and unity as an academy is a result of our determination to overcome the barriers to learning our young people face and live as a community based on Gospel values. We believe that we are an academy that treats each individual as unique as they were created in the eyes of God. We exist to provide our pupils with a high quality educational experience which draws its distinctive character from the life and teaching of Jesus, the principles of the Gospel and the Catholic tradition. This is born out in our mission statement 'He has come so they may have life and live it to the full.' John 10:10 We are committed to the learning and faith development of our pupils, and our driven by a core set of values that states 'We are called to serve with love, inspiration, empowerment and joy.' Our intention is to create a supportive learning environment within which we shall provide for all our pupils' intellectual, spiritual, moral, personal, social and cultural development.

We are committed to the pursuit of excellence in teaching and learning and to raising standards of achievement. Furthermore, we are committed to the development of effective partnerships with parents, the local parishes and schools, the business community, the Local Education Authority and the Archdiocesan Trustees.

We believe that parents send their children to a Catholic school because they want them to receive an excellent education in a community and setting governed by Christian values. The values which perhaps have most relevance to life in our academy include respect, generosity, fairness, forgiveness, compassion, sensitivity, tolerance and tolerance.

High Expectations

We have very high expectations for all our pupils with strict standards insisted upon with regard to attitude to learning, uniform and behaviour. We believe in the potential of all pupils to achieve and are deeply committed to developing the gifts and talents of all young people in our care.

A Caring Academy

We set high expectations for all our pupils but also provide a remarkably high level of support to ensure that these expectations are met. Saint Edmund Arrowsmith is a caring academy. We pride ourselves on the way in which new pupils quickly become part of our community. We smooth the transition from Primary to Secondary school through a creative programme of teacher links, pupil visits, induction days and close liaisons with parents. Throughout a child's time at the academy we have an innovative pastoral programme to ensure the support, care and direction of each individual.

Committed to Excellence

We believe that all young people have unique and special abilities. We see it as our role to foster and develop the talents of all within our community. We have an extremely talented and committed staff who aim to make learning enjoyable and successful.

British Values at SEACA

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